October 15th, 2018

the vampire diaries; rebekah close-up

FIC POST: AGMIHTF Chapter 8: "Take Your Daughter To Work Day" (Tiger & Bunny)

Title: A Good Man Is Hard To Find
Characters & Pairings: Kotetsu/Barnaby, some Kotetsu/Tomoe, + ensemble (notably featuring Kaede, Agnes, Nathan, Karina, Antonio)
Rating: hard R
Summary: The city was complicated and dangerous, everything shrouded in facades, and maybe it was no wonder someone like Barnaby who'd never known anywhere else would be so reluctant to trust anyone. Still Kotetsu could imagine nothing lonelier than the childhood he'd spent in a safer and simpler place.
Notes: So it's been quite a while, but I put a lot of time and work into this fic and always wanted to come back to it sometime. This fic started on LJ but things are so dead here now I'm not sure I'll bother continuing to post it here, so if you want to keep following this story you can subscribe to me at AO3 or keep an eye on my Tumblr.

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