Sara (flowrs4ophelia) wrote,

"Can't Find My Way Home" - a Klaus/Rebekah fanmix (The Vampire Diaries)

[01] mirah | nobody has to stay

rest up in the gentle sway
sister make a flower place
it is the evening of the days
where we have chosen to remain
nobody has to stay
but we wish they would anyway

"We must stick together as one. Always and forever."

[02] the cardigans | i need some fine wine and you, you need to be nicer

it's been a long slow collision
i'm a pitbull, you're a dog
baby you're foul in clear conditions,
but you're handsome in the fog

"I've spent my whole life loving and hating my brother by equal measure."

[03] the dead weather | hang you from the heavens

i don't know how to let you go
or if i should keep you
i never know what i'm gonna do
i say i'm leaving but it ain't true
i'd like to grab you by the hair
and hang you up from the heavens
i'd like to sell you off to the devil

"He's a vindictive bastard."
"But you still care about him. Why?"
"Well, I hated him for a long time...It was exhausting."

[04] depeche mode | come back

walking a thin white line
between love and hate
weeks turn into months,
months turn into years
come back, come back to me
i've been waiting here patiently

"We all had the chance to choose a side. I made the right choice eventually."

[05] vast | pretty when you cry

if you knew how much i love you,
you would run away
but when i treat you bad,
it always makes you want to stay
how could you do this to me now
i didn't want to hurt you,
but you're pretty when you cry
but i'm pretty when i lie

"I'm so sorry, sister...We'll meet again one day."

[06] stina nordenstam | under your command

under your command, did i not do well
was not my record fine
under your command,
wouldn't i have walked straight through hell
did i spare any pains

"She loves blindly and recklessly, even if it consumes her."

[07] archie bronson outfit | dart for my sweetheart

five is a bunching fist that's within me
six little stitches thread through my heart
seven shining reasons tearing us apart
eight, lose your hate, it's a game
come on, love me, it's your fate
nine cold crimes in the night, please forgive me
ten are the tears that are frozen on your face

"We're vampires. Our emotions are heightened. I'm stubborn, Elijah moral, and Nik...He has no tolerance for those who disappoint him."

[08] little dragon | twice

twice i turned my back on you
i fell flat on my face but didn't lose
tell me where would i go
was it the blue night gone fragile
was it the light ways so frightening
was it two wills, one mirror
holding us dearer now

"He's my brother. I'm immortal. Should I spend an eternity alone instead?"

[09] ladytron | ghosts

split from one thousand enemies
made you a prisoner
inside your own secrecy
clock strikes and I know
you will be drinking alone
and there's a ghost in me
that wants to say i'm sorry
doesn't mean i'm sorry

"We're leaving, Nik. You will be alone, always and forever."

[10] joanna newsom | go long

we both want the very same thing
we are praying i'm the one to save you
but you don't even own your own violence
run away from home, your beard is still blue
with the loneliness of you might men
with your jaws and fists, and your mighty kiss
if i knew you once, now i know you less
you are caked in mud, and in blood, and worse
you have been wronged, tore up since birth
you have done harm, others have done worse
in the sinking sand where we've come to rest,
have i a hand in your loneliness?

"He killed her, Rebekah. And then he made up this entire lie so that he wouldn't lose you."
"These mean nothing! They're stupid drawings!"
"Then why are you so upset?"

[11] sneaker pimps | can't find my way home

come down off your throne
leave your money at home
somebody holds the key
well i'm merely ahead
and i just think at the time
what's more i'm wasted
and i can't find my way home

"I hated you when I found out you killed our mother. And then I realized that after a thousand years as a family, you're the only one who never left me."
"Well, aren't we a pair?"


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