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"Dear Diary, a chipmunk asked me my name today. I said it was Joe. That lie will haunt me forever."

Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

longerthanwedo asked me to talk about...

Kara Thrace - Oh, what is there not to say about Kara Thrace? Like so many others when I first started watching BSG I was instantly pulled in by the fun of this character, and then she became so much more than that so very young person we first see. I love Starbuck as the larger-than-life hero who flies off the red moon in a Raider and makes the journey to fetch the Arrow of Apollo, as the deeply flawed human being and tragic figure, even as the never-quite-explicably-realized goddess figure...or whatever. Her overall arc is far from perfect (I was especially disappointed with how Leoben's weird and mysterious connection to her was totally dropped by the end and never came to mean anything), but I think that's because they were ultimately trying to make her into too much while trying to also keep her human and recognizable, just as so many parts of the story had gotten too big in its themes for them to possibly resolve everything in a way that could make everyone happy.

gourmet food - Hm, I could tell you nothing about gourmet food. What exactly counts as gourmet food? LOL. For real, when it comes to my very favorite things to eat, I like...cheeseburgers. And comfort food. The Dean Winchester diet basically, lol. I grew up as a really picky eater and am now a lot more open to broadening my horizons, but as it stands I'm not a person who gets excited about more exotic eating.

Shakespeare - I don't think I would have survived even the couple years I finished as an English major if I didn't enjoy Shakespeare. I especially like the wit and humor in his stuff. That's what for me makes it very much not the dense and dry and boring reading lots of people find it to be. Plus he did, you know, have a way with words in general and beautiful language. Just a bit.

Rosalie Hale - Oh God, I loved this character. From the part where we found out her history there was so much potential for her to be more than what Stephenie Meyer ultimately decided she is. She's a rape survivor who was turned into a vampire through horrific circumstances, in a way that made it essentially another kind of violation, and she had a unique and valid point of view as one of the only vampire characters who never wanted to be a vampire. Then of course later it became ALL ABOUT the maternal aspect of who she is because she most regrets that she can't have children, until that was all that seemed to matter about the character anymore, and something about her in Breaking Dawn was just especially shallow and empty when before you could believe that's just how she's supposed to seem. (In spite of myself I did find Jacob's endless supply of blonde jokes while he's bickering with her kind of hilarious, though.)

fan art - I love fanart because it isn't as time-consuming to appreciate as fanfic, lol. I wish it were as popular in every fandom as it is to draw fanart in, say, HP fandom. Especially when it comes to book fandoms that have had movie adaptations, it kind of annoys me when practically all the visual media being made anymore uses images of actors and I just really admire the creativity put into completely canon-based drawn art that is someone's unique imagining.

Stefan/Elena - Oh dear, this is going to be a good excuse to vent some of my frustrations about Season 3 and will probably get long-winded.

...That's not a good way to start. Okay, Stefan/Elena. They definitely have their moments. Really nice moments. I like them. But with TVD there are so many different relationship possibilities I'm open to, even besides Damon/Elena which I do by far prefer, so by this point for me Stelena has long-since reached a boring status of "It's been done."

Of course it makes sense that Elena would struggle to deal with the fact that the Stefan Salvatore chapter of her life is already over maybe for good, and with a lot of reluctance and even denial given the other losses she's been through. But it's starting to make no damn sense anymore that she would have any interest in dancing with him rather than having every impulse to recoil away from him after the ways he's hurt her, or continue to have so much personal investment in his re-reformation as anything but his still-sort-of-friend and his brother's friend. The writers have just been showing this odd reluctance to move away from Stefan/Elena with any significant progress. The last episode may have finally had some big moments for this, but it still kind of seems awkwardly overdue, and the more the writers have drawn it out into such a slow and gradual thing the more I've started losing some interest in Elena's love life altogether.

There's also the problem that Stefan is somehow always more interesting when he's not with Elena and has his own strong storyline interacting mostly with less prominent characters, so I'd be a lot more excited about Stefan maybe getting close to Rebekah or Katherine again. And besides eventually wanting Damon/Elena, I would kind of like to see her and Elijah kiss even if it's hard for me to imagine anything viable actually happening there, just more of a ships-passing-in-the-night kind of thing. It's like the writers have a ridiculous array of other things to explore but no, they have to preserve the conventional love story whenever possible instead of having the balls to see if their show can survive the loss of that element for a while, and keep gratuitously throwing S/E fans the occasional bone even if it feels like totally unjustified back-pedaling in the context they've established. Like I said, this all looks like it's starting to improve as of the last ep, and I just hope so because I like Stelena enough that I'd like to see the relationship burn out with more dignity.
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