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MASTER LIST OF FICS + WIPs (w/ previews of upcoming fics)

It was long past time to do this, especially because my memories are getting kind of messy and I just feel like giving up on archiving stuff that way.

Very old crap I wrote as far back as ten years ago included, lulz. Works-in-progress are also listed, many of them with short cookies.

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FIC POST: AGMIHTF Chapter 8: "Take Your Daughter To Work Day" (Tiger & Bunny)

Title: A Good Man Is Hard To Find
Characters & Pairings: Kotetsu/Barnaby, some Kotetsu/Tomoe, + ensemble (notably featuring Kaede, Agnes, Nathan, Karina, Antonio)
Rating: hard R
Summary: The city was complicated and dangerous, everything shrouded in facades, and maybe it was no wonder someone like Barnaby who'd never known anywhere else would be so reluctant to trust anyone. Still Kotetsu could imagine nothing lonelier than the childhood he'd spent in a safer and simpler place.
Notes: So it's been quite a while, but I put a lot of time and work into this fic and always wanted to come back to it sometime. This fic started on LJ but things are so dead here now I'm not sure I'll bother continuing to post it here, so if you want to keep following this story you can subscribe to me at AO3 or keep an eye on my Tumblr.

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The Force Awakens.

So it occurred to me that if the release of a new Star Wars movie isn't a big enough event to bring me back to LJ to write a real post, then nothing ever will be, and that would just be too depressing to let happen. Like most everyone I've adapted to the changing world of social media and gotten used to Tumblr being the main home of my fandoms, but there's still a lot I miss about the LJ format. :(

So yeah I saw a Star War and I have a lot of thoughts, I know you're shocked. (No spoilers till the cut.) My more reserved reaction the first time around was of relief and satisfaction, but after repeated viewings I think this is probably my third favorite Star Wars movie. I'm not going to bother talking much about the plot, which really plays it safe (though personally I found it kind of charming in its simplicity/familiarity) and is handled like an afterthought compared to the real work there was to do here, which was getting us to accept the new characters.

And the more I digest TFA, the more I think the things in it that work and are good are really, really good, for the most part. This has new characters who have overnight become some of my favorite original film characters, a general look and feel that is just right, and I think some of the best music John Williams has done for the series since 1980. This and Mad Max: Fury Road were two things I saw this year that made me hopeful that people in the industry may be starting to learn/remember how to make the kind of movies I love really well, not just serviceably. And it's super exciting that a generation of kids are now going to grow up with a version of the Wars that has a woman and two men of color as its main heroes.

Sure, this movie has flaws and some of the unavoidable baggage of what movies have become today (largely because of Star Wars, ironically). But those classic ones that I had to accept these new ones could never live up to also have flaws. Though it's weird to credit the success of a cultural phenomenon to something so seemingly subjective, I think the impact of these movies has always mostly lied in simply the way it makes people feel to watch them. And watching The Force Awakens made me feel a lot of the kind of joy that's missing from so much of pop culture these days. It was no religious experience, but I'd say the movie does somehow unthinkably manage to transcend the commercialism of the money-sucking empire this franchise is, and just does its thing. This is Star Wars. Thank God.

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"A Good Man Is Hard To Find" Fic Master Post (Tiger & Bunny)

a good man is hard to find

a T&B fic by Sara C.

Chapter I Barred Windows
Chapter II I'm Not the Man They Think I Am At Home
Chapter III How To Recognize Common Urban Pests
Chapter IV Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Chapter V On a Losing Streak
Chapter VI Rabbit's Foot
Chapter VII Laughing Like a Heifer To the Slaughter
Chapter VIII Take Your Daughter To Work Day
Chapter IX The Loneliest Number
Chapter X The Show Must Go On
Chapter XI ✖ Bad Reputation
Chapter XII ✖ Can't You Hear Me Knocking
Chapter XIII ✖ Retirement Plan
Chapter XIV ✖ When I'm Sixty-Four
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"When the Cold Winds Rise" - an instrumental fanmix (ASoIaF/Game of Thrones)

I'm not exactly sure how this mix happened. When Game of Thrones was in its first season, I started out not much liking the music (and it's still the kind of small-scale, cheap-sounding synthesized score that I hate, but given that I do think Ramin Djawadi does a lot with a little and some of his work for Season 2 has since won me over a little). I was looking at a review blog where someone mentioned their own disappointment with the score and suggested Wojciech Kilar along with some other composers that could have been a better choice, which I thought was the most awesome idea ever, and I guess that was when I started entertaining the thought of making a "soundtrack" for the book series using just film score cues and other instrumental stuff.

I thought of just a few tracks that would be good for associating with certain scenes or characters, but I was finding it hard to pick a lot more material that felt right for Martin's insanely unconventional genre-busting fantasy world. Almost anything I thought would work reasonably well for the historical setting sounded too romantic or bombastic, basically too cheesy for the tone of Ice and Fire with its unique blend of the epic and mythical with the realistic and gritty. So this was an idea I'd decided wasn't so brilliant and pretty much given up on for a while. Then I don't know what happened, but at some point after I kept reading much further in the books I'd ended up with a playlist of 95 minutes of music, and I don't know, it was fun, and maybe I was picky enough about this that the end result actually kind of works.

This mix covers aspects of the first three books and
there are lots of spoilers in this post if you haven't read through A Storm of Swords.

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"Dear Diary, a chipmunk asked me my name today. I said it was Joe. That lie will haunt me forever."

Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

longerthanwedo asked me to talk about...

Kara Thrace - Oh, what is there not to say about Kara Thrace? Like so many others when I first started watching BSG I was instantly pulled in by the fun of this character, and then she became so much more than that so very young person we first see. I love Starbuck as the larger-than-life hero who flies off the red moon in a Raider and makes the journey to fetch the Arrow of Apollo, as the deeply flawed human being and tragic figure, even as the never-quite-explicably-realized goddess figure...or whatever. Her overall arc is far from perfect (I was especially disappointed with how Leoben's weird and mysterious connection to her was totally dropped by the end and never came to mean anything), but I think that's because they were ultimately trying to make her into too much while trying to also keep her human and recognizable, just as so many parts of the story had gotten too big in its themes for them to possibly resolve everything in a way that could make everyone happy.

gourmet food - Hm, I could tell you nothing about gourmet food. What exactly counts as gourmet food? LOL. For real, when it comes to my very favorite things to eat, I like...cheeseburgers. And comfort food. The Dean Winchester diet basically, lol. I grew up as a really picky eater and am now a lot more open to broadening my horizons, but as it stands I'm not a person who gets excited about more exotic eating.

Shakespeare - I don't think I would have survived even the couple years I finished as an English major if I didn't enjoy Shakespeare. I especially like the wit and humor in his stuff. That's what for me makes it very much not the dense and dry and boring reading lots of people find it to be. Plus he did, you know, have a way with words in general and beautiful language. Just a bit.

Rosalie Hale - Oh God, I loved this character. From the part where we found out her history there was so much potential for her to be more than what Stephenie Meyer ultimately decided she is. She's a rape survivor who was turned into a vampire through horrific circumstances, in a way that made it essentially another kind of violation, and she had a unique and valid point of view as one of the only vampire characters who never wanted to be a vampire. Then of course later it became ALL ABOUT the maternal aspect of who she is because she most regrets that she can't have children, until that was all that seemed to matter about the character anymore, and something about her in Breaking Dawn was just especially shallow and empty when before you could believe that's just how she's supposed to seem. (In spite of myself I did find Jacob's endless supply of blonde jokes while he's bickering with her kind of hilarious, though.)

fan art - I love fanart because it isn't as time-consuming to appreciate as fanfic, lol. I wish it were as popular in every fandom as it is to draw fanart in, say, HP fandom. Especially when it comes to book fandoms that have had movie adaptations, it kind of annoys me when practically all the visual media being made anymore uses images of actors and I just really admire the creativity put into completely canon-based drawn art that is someone's unique imagining.

Stefan/Elena - Oh dear, this is going to be a good excuse to vent some of my frustrations about Season 3 and will probably get long-winded.

...That's not a good way to start. Okay, Stefan/Elena. They definitely have their moments. Really nice moments. I like them. But with TVD there are so many different relationship possibilities I'm open to, even besides Damon/Elena which I do by far prefer, so by this point for me Stelena has long-since reached a boring status of "It's been done." Collapse )
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Batch of TVD icons, THAT'S RIGHT. (Mostly w/ characters of the Original family because of reasons.)

So I seem to have found myself in the middle of a serious Vampire Diaries situation, send help. Yeah, the lovely f-list was right, even with a generally kinda weak first season this show is so much better than it has any right to be and in so many ways a refreshing departure from exactly the kind of Twilight-derivative shallow angstfest that it's unfortunately marketed to be. In fact, it's more like True Blood made just clean enough for the CW and with possibly a much higher average of gruesome deaths per episode, hehe.

Not to mention the whole cast is so attractive you could just puke and there are way too many flashback scenes of these pretty people in pretty period dress for me to not get the urge to do this...

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Icons
→ 01-34 From "The End of the Affair"
→ 35-73 Assorted from "Ordinary People" / "Dangerous Liaisons" / other

p r e v i e w

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